Signs Of A Cheating Wife: What You Don't Know WIILL Hurt You

Published: 10th August 2009
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Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Tricks Of The Cheating Trade

by Octavien Remillard

It took a while but you finally figured out why peoples voices would drop when you entered a room. The look on their faces and the sad look in their eyes letting on that they know a terrible truth that you seemed to be blind to. Sex would be great but, how the hell do you do it with your wife while insisting that you wear protection? Not a good time to tell her that you're sure shes cheating and you sure don't want to catch some guys diseases! When you leave the house in the morning, do you feel like you can never know for sure if there isn't someone parked down the street waiting for the all clear signal?

You feel powerless and your life is out of control. You're sure shes cheating but how to prove it? This is one activity where you must not leave traces. To be wrong would be to kill your relationship.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Her Urgent Need For Privacy And Secrets. Computers are wonderful things but there are ways of getting them to reveal their secrets. If your wife has a lover online, her keeping him secret is a great priority. Therefore, make mental notes on how she is reacting. Does she move the computer to a more private location? Does she change the passwords to her files? A good way of getting a strong hint that she is fooling around is to sneak up when she is online. Watch her reaction when she discovers you. If she gets mad, you can be pretty certain that she is hiding something (or someone).

You can bet that her mind is focused on her lovers words on the screen. For her to become upset when you surprise her or for her to quickly close the browser when she sees you is something you can put on your mental list of signs. What or (more likely) whom is she hiding?

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Computing At Odd Hours. Be aware of any changes in what she does and when. Internet chat room usage increases sharply after dark, so your wife may be motivated to stay up late and be part of the action. Getting to bed very late or getting out of bed very early in the morning may point towards your girlfriends visiting dating sites and chat rooms to exchange emails with a new love interest. This change in sleep patterns can have a significant affect on your home life and your relationship with her. There may be little time for intimacy or communication if your wife is spending late nights and early mornings at her computer.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Neglecting Household Duties. As a consequence of spending so much time online, the state of cleanliness in your place may start to suffer. Dirty laundry may pile up, dirty dishes stay unwashed, and maintenance around the home may be neglected in favor of a few more precious minutes online. This decline in the household may signal a change in priorities. Her investment in the online relationship may come at a cost to her contribution to the chores and to your relationship.

Online affairs take many shapes but they generally share many common characteristics.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Gathering Evidence Despite The Miles. If your wife works far away, it is real easy for doubts and fears to grow in your mind. Even the mildest desire on her part can grow into a burning desire because there is almost no chance of her getting caught. This is especially true if there are a lot of miles and/or an international boundary between the two of you. Loneliness and normal physical desire could conspire to ignite in her an intense desire for physical and emotional closeness which you cant give her from so far away.

You have no way of knowing for sure what is happening so you have to rely on your gut feeling to sense what the situation is like at her end. But, what do you do when your faith is not enough to overcome your lingering fears, your festering doubts?

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: The Desire To Get Even. Many men, after they find the first solid clue that their wife is cheating, jump on the idea of getting revenge, of giving back what they think they have gotten. A common reaction is to think very seriously of a revenge affair.

Your first reaction should be to eliminate all doubt: There is no room for error here.

Will sleeping with someone else really make the infidelity hurt less? Will it make you feel better? Or is it one of those things that you later live to regret? I'm not going to tell you if it's right or wrong, as it's a judgment call that each of you are called to make as you contemplate the reality of infidelity in your relationship.

If you are serious about going through with a retaliatory love affair, think it through again. How do you think you will feel at the exact moment that you are getting revenge against your wife with another woman. How do you think your heart will feel after? Do you want this on your conscience. If its still not bothering you, go for it.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: You Have To FIND OUT FOR SURE!

This article exposes just the tip of the iceberg of the indications of a cheating wife. There are many things available to you to find the evidence of her cheating. There are technical devices and techniques you can learn to nail down her guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. Stay open to new concepts and try them.

The answer is closer than you think.

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