Signs Of A Cheating Wife - Your Evidence Must Be Rock Solid!

Published: 15th September 2009
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Signs Of A Cheating Wife by Octavien Remillard

The torment won't end until you know the truth, ALL of it. Next are some of the ways of getting concrete evidence without her finding out about your investigation!

Sick and tired of leaving the house each day, not knowing if your wife is going to cheat on you? Are you wary of being intimate with her for fear that she has slept with someone else and could be passing something on to you? It seems as though everyone knows what your wife is up to except you. End the humiliation by learning to pick up on the signs of a cheating wife. No more whispering behind hands and pitying looks!

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To surprise her with your presence when she is online is to read her like a book. If she is startled at your sudden appearance and uses lightning reflexes to close her browser, it is a pretty good bet that you just interrupted a love conversation. What other reason could there be for all the secrecy?

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Keeping It All Hush-Hush. A computer is a silent servant but it yields its secrets if you know how to twist its tail. If your wife is cheating on you, whom she communicates with and what is said becomes of critical importance for her to hide. Therefore, take note if she decides to move her computer to a different location. Another indication of foul play is her changing or adding a password to her files. Does she get upset when you go near the computer when she is using it? Why would she do that? In fact, intentionally disturbing her when she is online is a good way of getting a feel for what she is doing.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: She Bears Little Resemblance To The Girl You Married! A good sign that her heart and mind are no longer focused on you is a change in her personal habits. Chat lines become very busy after dark and before dawn. If she comes to bed late or is up very early, it would surely be interesting to find out who she is talking to and what the subject of the conversation is. Her off-time talks with her new love interest will tire her out. There will be little time or interest in intimacy or communication with you.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Neglecting Household Duties. As a consequence of spending so much time online, the state of cleanliness in your place may start to suffer. Dirty laundry may pile up, dirty dishes stay unwashed, and maintenance around the home may be neglected in favor of a few more precious minutes online. This decline in the household may signal a change in priorities. Her investment in the online relationship may come at a cost to her contribution to the chores and to your relationship.

These are just a few of the major indicators of an online affair.

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: Finding Proof When She Works Out Of Town. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also sets the imagination on fire. You know darn well that she is lonely and has her normal desires wherever she is working. You cant fault her for being a normal woman, but your mind will quickly pick up the slightest hint that she is being unfaithful and look for more evidence or clues. And it might find them. So, far away, she knows she stands little chance of getting caught. And you know it, too. She doesnt have the comfort and reassurance of physical contact with you often. She might try to find it elsewhere.

You have no way of knowing for sure what is happening so you have to rely on your gut feeling to sense what the situation is like at her end. But, what do you do when your faith is not enough to overcome your lingering fears, your festering doubts?

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: For You - Resisting Retaliation. After the initial shock that it could be happening, many men vow payback, revenge, and one of the more common reactions in terms of payback is the temptation to have an affair in retaliation.

It would be criminal to accuse her of cheating after your affair and then find out you were wrong. You have to make sure!

Will having sex with someone else take the pain away from you? Will you feel vindicated and that revenge was called for and good and right? Or, will it be one of those things that dogs you for years afterward, one of those things that fills you with burning regret and remorse every time you think about it? It is not for me to judge a revenge affair. Only you can do that. I am just advising you to think it through carefully as you face infidelity in your relationship.

Don't forget, sex has not disappeared because your wife is cheating. There will be plenty of opportunity later to catch up if you wish. For now, in the heat of the moment, I suggest you take it easy. Think of the emotions that would be running through your heart at the moment you cheat on her. Would you sense a great feeling of relief or one of intense shame and remorse? Would you be willing to live with the end result?

Signs Of A Cheating Wife: You Have To FIND OUT FOR SURE!

If you are open to new ideas and technologies, you have a good chance of finding out the information you desperately need without your being detected and without there being any chance of her catching on to you. Stay open minded, be willing and diligent. You will either find out for sure that she is cheating or rest in peace to find that you misread her actions. Either way you win.

The answer is closer than you think.

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Signs Of A Cheating Wife.

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